CMA VBS 2020

Ready for an adventure?  This year's VBS will not be at the CMA church building.  Instead, we'll be going offsite in a giant scavenger hunt where your family will drive around together from checkpoint to checkpoint, completing activities to get clues to figure out the BIG IDEA for each day. We hope that this VBS will bring your family together and bring the Exodus story to life so that you and your kids will have a vivid memory for years to come of what God did for the Israelites over 3000 years ago and what God has done for us today!

You'll need to register so we know how much supplies to purchase and how many activity bags to prepare.  Registration closes on Wednesday, June 10th.  Normally volunteer?  We need help assembling our activity bags and we need help manning the 4 checkpoints each night.  Don't have any kids but still want to take in the excitement of the journey?  Everyone is welcome to participate!  Register today!


Monday, June 15th - checkpoints open from 6PM - 8:00PM

Tuesday, June 16th - checkpoints open from 6PM - 8:00PM

Wednesday, June 17th - checkpoints open from 6PM - 8:00PM

Thursday, June 18th - checkpoints open from 6PM - 8:00PM

Please register on the church center app on your device OR CLICK:


    CLICK: Online Kids Church Video - May 31st

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    CLICK: Overview of Paul's Missionary Journeys - Bible Project

    Discovering God and worshiping Him together.  In Kids Church we prepare children to thrive in “big church” by opening up God’s Word and exploring our response of worship to Him.  The gospel is preached every week because what Jesus has done doesn’t just change our future but changes us right now so that our whole lives become worship to God.

  • DISCIPLESHIP HOUR - Sundays at 9:55am


    Developing the mind and heart of the young Christ-follower.  With younger age levels, we’ll dig into the most important stories from the Bible and see how they help us understand God and understand ourselves.  With the older age levels, we’ll wrestle with “Big Ideas about God” – practical and life-changing answers to the most important questions ever asked.

  • kids midweek Wednesdays

    (meets during the school year)

    A centralized and kid-friendly Life Group experience for children age 4 through 5th grade on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-7:00.  Our heart is that our children develop and experience thriving Christian community where Jesus is exalted and people are loved in His name.  The two main focuses of this time will be God’s Word and prayer, but we will also have worship and activities.  An optional dinner will be available starting at 5:15. 


Knowing God's Word helps us understand God - who He is, what He has done, what He has promised - and allows the Holy Spirit to work in us in incredible ways as He teaches us and conforms us to be like Jesus.