Dear CMA Members,

In preparation for the May 16th Annual Meeting of the Membership, the Nominating Team is now open to suggestions of names from members to be considered to serve on the Ministry Board and the next Nominating Committee. Member suggestions may be made through March 28, 2021.

According to CMA Bylaws, suggestions of names need to be made directly to the Nominating Team without securing permission or permission from the person whose name your submitting. The role of the Nominating Team is to consider these names. Names submitted from the Nominating Team may or may not be contacted directly depending on a number of factors.

On the Ballot during our Annual Meeting on May 16th, there will be six (6) Ministry Board names and two (2) names for the next Nominating Team. If you are a member you can submit names for leadership positions here. When you submit a name, you can also indicate if your name can be considered for the specific offices of Elder, Member-at-Large, Treasure, Assistant Treasurer, and Secretary.

During April, the Nominating Team will prayerfully consider and in some cases contact potential nominees from the membership as well as other names that surface from the current Ministry Board and the Nominating Team itself. In light of action items passed at last year's Annual Meeting, all Ministry Board positions and the Next Nominating Committee positions are open this year. It is anticipated that several current Ministry Board members will be nominated again to maintain continuity in this season of continued adjustments in our ministry.

Qualifications for elected leader positions flow out of the Bible (1 Timothy 3:1-13, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Peter 5:1-3). Membership is also a prerequisite to be considered for nomination. (Membership ensures shared commitments to the mission, vision, values and beliefs of CMA.)

The CMA Nominating Team

Dick Beery – Administrator
Glenda Kuhn- Incredible Woman
Gary Stenland – Patriarch
James Keenan – Elder
Randy Shaw – Lead Pastor