Budget Summary
July 1, 2021 - June 30 2022

The Ministry Board is recommending the following budget for our next ministry year

Three things you’ll want to know as you look through this budget summary:

1. After significant conversation with the Acts 1:8 team they and the Ministry Board unanimously agreed to fold the Acts 1:8 budget back into the General Fund. All current ministries being funded from the Acts 1:8 line items have all been included in this proposed budget. (Acts 1:8 refers to the many ministries in and around Cody that we support as well as a significant portion of support for one of our families serving in Africa). If the recommended budget passes every time someone gives to Cody CMA they will be supporting all the ministries of Acts 1:8. More rational will be included in the Annual Meeting packet of information.

2. This Budget was largely developed from actual spending during the 2020 fiscal year with some greater emphasis on small groups.

3. The Personnel expenses assume a full staff. Currently, we are in the process of searching for a Pastor for Worship and an Associate Pastor for youth and young adults.

Nominees for the Ministry Board:

Travis Conklin: Elder, Secretary, 1 year term

Greg Eckley: Member at Large , 2 year term

James Keenan: Elder, 2 year term

John Malmberg: Elder, 1 year term

Jesse Fowler: Elder, Treasurer, 2 year term

Stephen Mainini: Elder, 1 year term

Nominees for the 2022 Nominating Committee:

Paul Blough

Brooke Hartley

Dana Sander

Margie Schauland