Mission/Vision/Values DRAFT

Cody CMA Ministry Board | February 2021

Mission statement adjustments under consideration

From: Christ Centered, Acts 1:8, family

To: Courageously* following Jesus in the world as a family | OR | Courageously* following Jesus as a family for the world
*(as opposed to conveniently, comfortably, or casually following Jesus)

Rational for adjustment as processed in Town Hall #1:
• Many people in our church likely don’t know the reference Acts 1:8 and it’s better if we can be clearer.
• Usually, those we’re trying to reach will be unfamiliar with what “Christ Centered and Acts 1:8, mean.
• There seemed to be understanding on reasons why we’d modify the statement at our recent Town Hall. There was question on using the adverb “courageously” to begin the modified statement. The Ministry Board has opted to keep the adverb believing it always takes courage to follow Jesus and adds specific clarity to what it takes to be a Christian – Courage.
• Scripture references Matthew 28:16-20 and Acts 1:8

Value Statements

(Terms in parenthesis after each draft statement represent input from Town Hall #1)

1. We value making disciples: It’s what we’re called to do. We believe a healthy growing disciple (follower of Jesus) courageously involves: 1) responding to God in grateful loving obedience; 2) being responsible in our roles, goals, and relationships; and 3) intentionally engaging lost people. (Discipleship)

2. We value worshiping together: We believe gathering together weekly for life-related bible teaching, prayers, corporate worship, and vision clarity is a catalyst for health, unity and advancement for our church family. (Biblical teaching and worship experience)

3. We value engaging lost people: We believe lost people matter to God and are worthy of being pursued at great personal cost. This includes everything from confidently sharing Jesus to the close circle of relationships God has placed around us to reaching/sending our own into Cody, the region, and specific locations around the world. (Actively sharing faith, lost people, missions)

4. We value developing Leaders: We value identifying and equipping leaders who model following Jesus to be effectively leading others through service teams, and small groups. (leadership development)

5. We value small groups: We believe life-change happens best in close, caring, accountable relationships where biblical truths are incorporated as practices into the life of our church family. (bible studies, fellowship, and community)

6. We value service: We believe the role of staff leadership is equip, deploy, and empower our membership to serve and respond to needs with the time, talents, and gifts entrusted to us by God. We also believe faithful service brings sense of significant joy and purpose to life, (Mobilized Membership)

7. We value financial generosity: We believe financial generosity is an expression of a spiritually healthy soul focused on the mission of God. We practice Joyfully giving from all He has entrusted to us to help fuel the mission He has given us.